Who can join Rice Crew?
Anyone and everyone. There are few requirements to join the team other than being a full-time Rice University student and possessing a strong sense of responsibility and commitment. Our team is composed of men, women, undergrads, and graduate students.

Is Rice Crew a NCAA program?
Unfortunately, we are not. NCAA status would require Rice University fully funding the team. Few rowing teams are NCAA — those that are, generally only cater to women. As such, we cannot offer scholarships or assistance in being admit to Rice University at this time.

I've never rowed before - is that a problem?
The vast majority of Olympic rowers were walk-ons in college. Our coaches will teach you everything from basic fitness, nutrition, and weightlifting to moving a boat effectively on the water. Mastering rowing takes nearly a decade, so the faster you get to us, the sooner your journey can begin.

What time is practice?
Practices are a mix of water and land workout Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Weekday land and water practices start at 6:30 AM and 5:30 AM, respectively, and end before 8:00 AM classes. Weekend practices begin at 8:00 AM and generally last until 11:00 AM. Occasionally, the team will travel to regattas, which require overnight stays. Attending early classes, holding a part-time job, and maintaining a social life are all possible while being on the team.

How will this affect my grades?
Rowers are highly disciplined athletes. Most team members report that their grades tend to be higher, as successful training means good time management. Additionally, many graduate programs and employers recognize how challenging rowing can be; consequently, they often give special favor to collegiate rowers given the qualities they know oarsmen and oarswomen possess.

What is a coxswain?
Rowers are supported by their coxswains. Coxswains are secondary coaches who are indispensable members of the boat. He or she steers the boat in practice and down the racecourse, provides technique feedback, and motivates the rowers as they push their limits. 

Where does the team practice?
The team currently practices out of our own boathouse located on Buffalo Bayou just 10 minutes from campus. Team members share rides to get to and from practice. Land practices are held on campus in our own erg room in Tudor Fieldhouse.

How is the team run?
Rice Crew currently has dedicated coaches in addition to a student run executive board consisting of a president, vice president, treasurer, recruitment chair, and captain who together make decisions regarding team budget, purchases, travel, apparel, training, and more. Positions are elected yearly.

How much does rowing cost?
Rowing is an expensive sport; however, we will never turn down anyone because of financial issues. Our 8+ hulls cost $30-35K alone. Annual dues include the majority to travel, training, equipment maintenance, and apparel. The team is committed to providing payment plans and fundraising opportunities to lower dues. Discounts are available for coxswains and registered team drivers.