Logan Baldridge

A life long aquatics aficionado, Logan loves waking up at 4:30am to go out on the water, but hates land practices. As senior Mechanical Engineering major, Logan enjoys rowing as a break from his daily classes and a great way to make lasting friendships. Hooked onto the sport in his freshman year, he hopes to introduce and share the excitement of rowing with as many people as possible. In his free time you can find Logan at Willy's Pub, playing Super Smash Bros. with friends, and seeking to answer life's important questions like: "is a hot dog a sandwich?" and "is a Pop-Tart a ravioli?

Stoyan Komitov

Stoyan is a Junior Computer Science major from McMurtry college. He grew up playing soccer, and played lacrosse through high school but decided to try an aquatic sport in college. Rowing turned out to be a perfect fit, and he now loves welcoming the sunrise on a boat. When not rowing or programming, he can be found cycling, running, or enjoying breakfast food at any time of day.


Pranav Khemka

Pranav Khemka comes all the way from distant India. As a sophomore studying Bioengineering, he considers rowing a great break from his studies and thoroughly enjoys the camaraderie with fellow teammates. He started rowing his freshman year and wants to make others see that the sport goes far beyond 4:30am alarms and backbreaking workouts. In his free time, Pranav can be found following Motorsport events, particularly F1 as an avid Ferrari fan.


Sabrina Hernandez is a junior studying astrophysics. She enjoys nothing more than the sweet sensation of gliding on the water; the satisfaction of being in sync with her fellow rowers is what makes the early mornings bearable. After being roped into the sport freshman year, Sabrina wishes to share her love of rowing with others. While on land, Sabrina enjoys staring at the stars and viewing films.